Wonderful health benefits of lemon water in the morning


benefits lemon water morning:- At some point in our life, in-between our busy money making process and all those so-called commitments, we would realize that we are not giving any opportunity for our body to embrace the immune power and all other health benefits this nature has to offer us. We would feel some sort of guilt gushing in following the fear of being prone to diseases and that is exactly when we seek Google’s help for getting to know about the foods of high health benefits. If you are one among those people who are lucky enough to land on this page by searching for health benefits lemon water morning, then we assure you that you have come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of five benefits lemon water morning that would encourage you to start making it a habit right away. After all, this citrus filled fruit is not something that deserves your grimace and a loud ‘no’. Drinking the tasty lemon water first thing in the morning will be the best way to start your day.

Before drowning in the list of benefits lemon water morning, let’s first get to know little more about this pulpy yellow fruit.

Get to know about lemon

The very reason that we are discussing this yellow fruit is that it is rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients. When we first list the vitamins, it would include vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin E. Further it contains calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid. Altogether this fruit serves as a solution for several health-related problems. Apart from being a lifesaver, it also serves well as a mosquito repellant, stain remover etc. It is indeed an all-rounder and its benefits should be utilized properly.

It is said that a glass of lemon water contains almost 25 calories and they have a good impact on our immune system. The potassium in the lemon helps to prevent certain heart problems. In fact, they are also called as the blood purifiers and that statement can never be underrated. It has a plethora of other benefits and you would come to know about them as you progress through this article.

Why should you drink lemon water in the morning?

It’s time to shed light on some of the health benefits of gulping down lemon water in the morning.


First of all, fever is the very basic health problem most of us are basically prone to. Even it’s an ordinary viral fever the suffering is a sure thing. We don’t deserve that right? So we could make use of this wonderful detoxification agent. Lemon usually helps reduce the fever by stimulating the elimination of the toxins out of our system through perspiration. And it also has the ability to destroy certain germs in our body. So drinking lemon water regularly in the morning could be a good prevention method for keeping fever away from us. As it is a blood purifier it also cures some dangerous diseases like cholera and malaria.


The most exasperating thing almost everyone would have suffered more often is the indigestion problem. When we couldn’t eliminate the food wastes properly out of our body, it could lead to serious health problems and especially it snatches away our peace and draws our full concentration towards itself without letting us progress in our daily chores.

First of all, drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning is good for digestion and hydration. It is an added advantage when you drink lemon water in the morning as it stimulates the production of bile that leads to healthy digestion. In fact, hydration is a mandatory thing considering your body had not in taken any fluids for the past seven or eight hours.

Increased immunity

As we know that the lemon contains vitamin C and other important vitamins and nutrients, drinking lemon water in morning could elevate your immunity and that is inevitable considering the infectious diseases we are surrounded by. As the lemon acts against the pathogenic bacteria, it prevents you from any diseases that rooted from those bacteria.

Protects skin

We love to take care of our outer beauty as it boosts up the level of confidence in us. To beautify ourselves we run behind all those chemical filled cosmetic products and eventually damage our skin and hair. We think of natural remedies to be slow and ineffective. The lemon water is proved to be the best remedy for skin care. Out of all the health benefits of lemon, it also serves as an effective antiseptic medicine. It has the ability to cure the skin related problems such as eczema, wrinkles, acne, and blackheads.

It is recommended to drink lemon and honey mixed water in the morning helps glowing up our skins. In fact, you could even apply the lemon water directly to your hair to prevent hair loss, dandruff etc. It is also used to get rid of our scars and burns.

Weight loss

This is one of the captivating benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning. Most of the people especially women who have no time to work out are constantly worried about their weight. The obesity could be a dangerous issue. Hence, drinking lemon water mixed with honey regularly in the morning could help reducing our body weight. The preparation barely takes five minutes and we don’t even have to worry about the time we would be spending on its preparation.

Likewise, there are a plethora of benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning and it doesn’t even require a lot of effort. You simply squeeze a lemon into the water and that’s it. A few minutes of preparation daily in the morning could save you from a lot of health problems you couldn’t even fathom. So it’s time to add five minutes to your daily schedule for your healthy life.



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