Raw honey health benefits skin,hair and health

Raw honey health benefits

Nature is rich in resources that mingle with our life to offer us physical and mental comfort. Out life is absolutely intertwined with nature in every aspect that many times we miss to notice the important role it plays. The kitchen in our households will not be a clinic by itself in the absence of natural products which value adds to human health. Raw honey is one among the many natural products that are found in our kitchen which focuses on improving our health to a great extent.

Raw honey health benefits

Honey, which is collected by the bees in a natural manner and stored in a thick liquid form in their hive, is usually pure. Let us have a look at some of the health benefits of raw honey offers when we consume the same on our day to day life.

Effective for losing body weight

Most weight loss diets recommend honey in the place of refined sugar. This is mainly due to its capability to burn fat. Medical expert’s advice to have a spoon of Raw honey before going to bed every night since it burns fat even when we fall asleep. Honey must not be consumed by people who have Diabetes since it increases the blood sugar levels in a considerable manner

Aides deep sleeping

If you are suffering from sleeplessness or disturbed sleep during night times, honey is your remedy. Have a spoonful of honey just before you go to sleep and you will wake up fresh the next day morning after a good night’s sleep.

Heals Wounds

Honey is found to be highly effective in treating wounds and cuts on the surface of the skin. The open injury or cuts on the skin surface have the danger of getting infected due to environmental factors causing more damage to the injured area. Applying honey on the same and consuming the same in recommended quantities every day heals the wounds quickly. This also safeguards human health from infections.

Honey cures coughing

Honey is the simplest home remedy for getting relieved from both a dry cough as well as a cold cough and works on the throat lining and provides relief from irritation in the same. Having a teaspoon of honey at least once a day can help you feel relieved from the non-stop cough that makes your miserable.

Honey offers energy

Honey is a highly pure natural product that it enters the bloodstream immediately after it is consumed. It generates the energy required for the human to manage his activities all through the day. Consume a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning. You will see yourself highly energetic throughout the day.

Honey clears Dandruff

Honey is high in antiseptic and so clears off all impurities on the surface of the skin. This applies to the surface of the head also. The scalp in the head gets affected by Dandruff due to various health and environmental factors. Applying Honey on the scalp for 15 minutes and washing it off with lukewarm water will help you get rid of Dandruff permanently. Do this once in 15 days and you will be completely out of the clutches of Dandruff

Honey makes skin glow

Honey is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature. It nourishes the skin in a highly perfect manner. Honey is one of the best moisturizers which help skin retain the natural moist in the surface. Regularly applying honey on the skin will unclog the pores on the surface making the skin look glowing and attractive. Honey by nature has bleaching qualities and so when applied on the skin in a periodical manner, improves the complexion by multiple levels. Honey is highly effective in many types of skin diseases like Eczema. It helps people to get rid of eczema by clearing the dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin through its natural cleansing properties

Honey helps in mental power

Honey does not only contribute to physical health in positive ways. It aids in memory retention to a great extent. Regularly consuming honey with a glass of lukewarm water increases the focus levels in people. This also helps in the reduction of mental stress. The memory augmentation activity by Honey makes it an automatic therapy for people suffering from memory loss and other stress-related mental issues.

Honey boosts resistance

The human body gets affected time and again with many environmental factors and food habits. We get affected by the common cold and fever owing to low immune power we suffer from due to physical and mental stress. Honey which has high amounts of antioxidant qualities helps in building immunity power in adults and children. Consuming honey every day first thing in the morning makes people enjoy a healthy life.

Honey prevents gums decay

Honey has anti-bacterial qualities which prevent tooth and gums from getting affected by plaques and other such kinds of infections. The healing quality of honey treats gum diseases in an effective manner. Regularly consuming a teaspoon of honey first thing everyday morning helps maintain your oral cavity in a healthy manner.

Honey eases out Sinus problems

When the tiny cavities found in the skull suffer due to virus attacks and fail to protect the respiratory system from environmental pollutions, people suffer from sinusitis. Consuming honey which is high in anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities will help kill the bacteria in the sinus cavity clearing the nose off the same.This gives relief to the respiratory system quickly. People who have the tendency to suffer from Sinus can safeguard themselves from the same by consuming honey in regular periodicities

As most of us would know, Honey is one natural product that can sustain its freshness for thousands of years. Honey never gets rotten or become unusable.As per Ayurveda and many other alternative medicines, Honey enhances human health to the extent that no other natural herbs or artificial medicines can do. Our ancient scriptures and histories speak high about honey. Make the best use of honey which possesses rich medicinal qualities. Remember, when you embrace honey, you embrace good health.



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