Tips to improve your memory power and concentration naturally


Tips improve memory power concentration naturally:- Successful people have set themselves a formula that has never taken a beating over years. The formula is a simple one. A superpower memory and undaunted concentration is that magic formula that has lifted them to the high levels they are in today. These are the successful people who believe in focussing on fewer things and succeeding in the same than involving themselves in too many things. In reality, this is not easy. It requires a lot of effort and discipline to acquire an amazing memory skill and constantly work on improving the same. The higher the levels of concentration are the more the chances of success. If we make up our mind to groom our memory and concentration skills, it is easy to do the same. We provide here some simple tips to develop your memory and concentration levels

Tips to improve memory skills

Memory is a mental skill. It highly depends on the environment in which the mind gets fostered and the state in which it resides. Let us look at some simple techniques that can be practiced by all to improve their memory skill.

Colors around us

Many of us tend to have shades of blue all around us. Blue is a wrong color when it comes to improving memory skills. Blue increases the creativity levels in people. Have red or green colors around you and look at the same as frequently as possible. Red and Green colors tend to improve your memory skills

Listening skills

Even those of us who are strong in communication skills tend to be weak in listening skills. In a conscious manner, focus carefully on what the person in front of you speaks. When you start doing this knowingly, over a period of time you will automatically become a good listener. It will help details in your memory

Allocate a separate place

If you are a student, irrespective of your age, allocate a separate place to study in your house. This place must preferably a chair and desk and not a bed. The bed is for sleeping and your mind know that. When you regularly study from the study space you have allocated for the purpose, your mind tends to co-operate with your effort. Your memory power increases.

Focus on

Your mind is a camera. It captures everything that happens in front of them. However, retaining the same in the memory is a skill to be practiced with mindfulness. Sit quietly in a place. Focus on an important event that has happened in your life. Try and think about the minute incidents happening in the metal Slowly close your eyes which symbolizes saving the scene in your memory. Ensure that you practice this in a silent environment every time. This is a good exercise to improve your memory skills.


Your memory is at its peak when it is allowed to reside in a peaceful environment. If you have to memorize something related to your studies or an office meeting the next day, do so in a quiet environment. Switch off all electronic gadgets that may make noise. Avoid all kinds of distractions and sounds in the environment you plan to memorize. This will increase your memory power by multiple levels.

Tips to improve concentration levels

When it comes to concentration, the organ that needs to attention is your brain. Let us look at some ways you can improve your concentration span.

Meditate mindfully 

Learn to meditate from an authorized professional who teaches the same. Meditate regularly focussing on your breathing pattern in a conscious manner. Observe what happens when you inhale and exhale. Meditation is one of the best ways to constantly improve your concentration levels.


Peppermint flavor has a great impact on improving concentration levels. You can use Peppermint flavor as a spray in the environment or consume Peppermint Tea which will boost your concentration levels t Multifood levels

Sleep enough

Good sleep acts as a booster for the brain. People who sleep on time for an adequate number of hours tend to concentrate better than those who are deprived of sleep. This is mainly due to the freshness the brain enjoys after a good amount of sleep

Medical Supplements

Consume a multi Vitamin every day in consultation with your Doctor. There are many multivitamins and natural supplements available for boosting the functioning of the brain. When consumed in a regular manner, the health that your brain enjoys make it concentrate in the best manner at all points of time

Focus on the clock

Who wants to improve their concentration skills This is one of the exercises that can be done by anyone. Sit in front of an Analog Clock (with minutes and seconds needles). Set up an alarm for exactly five minutes. Focus on the movement of the second needle without taking your eyes off the same even for a second. At the ringing of the alarm, take your eyes off the clock. This is an excellent exercise for improving your concentration levels. If you find it necessary and possible, you can increase the number of minutes you focus on the second needle.

Glucose and Brain

Glucose, which is one type of sugar, acts as the basic food for your brain. When Glucose is maintained at the required levels in the body, your brain feels happy to function with the fullest Eat healthy food that will provide your body and brain enough nutrition. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your concentration skills.

Memory is an important skill. It helps us remember key facts and figures that are pertinent to our past and present. Such facts act as one of the important factors to take key decisions pertaining to the present and future. While memory helps us recall pertinent information, concentration skill helps us make use of the same in the best possible manner. Concentration is a mental skill that leverages the strength provided by memory skill to attain success. Concentrate, to come up in life.



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